Respected WACS judges, competitors, educators, dear sponsors and guests, volunteers, supporters and visitors, in the past several days, we summed up the impressions from the completed Third International Gastronomy Competition - GastroMak 2018, which was held from 08 to 12 October at Hotel Villa Park in Strumica!
The result is: we have created a five-day event to be remembered and we have established Macedonia on the gastronomic map of the world!

  • 30 participating countries

  • 3 competitive days

  • 50 competitive hours in total

  • 30 hours of masterclass lectures in total

  • 10 competitive stalls / boxes

  • 60 WACS International Judges

  • 30 Masterclass lecturers

  • 300 competitors all over the world

  • 33 competition categories

  • 1.000 awards (Gratitudes; Diplomas; Bronze, Silver and Gold medals; Cups)

  • 1 Judging Seminar for certification of new WACS judges

  • 12 organized tours for the guests

  • 50 hours live from the events broadcast on Facebook

  • 10 months organizational and logistical preparations

And - a lot of love, commitment and dedication to make this Continental WACS event one of the most remarkable global chefs’ annual gatherings in South-Eastern Europe.
We express our immense gratitude to everyone involved in the organization and the realization of the event: without you, GastroMak 2018 would not have been what it is now!
See you next year, at the Fourth International Gastronomy Competition - GastroMak 2019!
With great respect, the GastroMak Team